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Phone: 410-778-1948
Fax: 410-778-4602
11041 Worton Road
P.O. Box 67
Worton, MD 21678

Myra S. Butler, Director

Lacey T. Cox, Office Manager

Jamie Foote, Administrative Assistant II

Jill Coleman, Recreation Supervisor

Devon Standard, Program Coordinator

Taylor Hoffman, Program Coordinator

Chris Bove, Lead Facility Monitor

LaVonte Wilson, Facility Monitor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if a program is cancelled due to inclement weather?

Weather closing information and general announcements are posted on the Parks and Recreation home page bulletin board at, the Kent County Community Center Facebook page, and on our Weather Cancellation Hotline at 410-810-3755, as weather conditions warrant (usually no later than 7:30 am the day in question when weather related). Whenever possible (we will do our best, but can't guarantee this will always happen), a courtesy email will be sent to individuals who have provided an email address for announcements and notifications. If you do not receive an email and the weather is questionable, please visit our website homepage, Facebook, or call the Weather Cancellation Hotline.

Can I register my child for a program if he/she is 6 months within the minimal age requirement?

Ages for programs offered by Kent County Parks and Recreation are based upon the normal developmental capabilities of a child at a specific age. As every child develops at his or her own pace, exceptions may be made regarding entry into a specific program on a case-by-case basis, pending there are no state regulations that may present an exception from being made (i.e. Kiddie Camp- state mandates child must be 3 ˝ years old to start the program).

When can I sign my child(ren) up for Summer Camp programs?

Summer camp registration begins on April 1st each year. You can register your child(ren) utilizing our online registration process, register in person at the Community Center, email the completed registration form to, or fax the registration to 410-778-4602. If you have any specific questions regarding the registration process, please contact our office at
410-778-1948.* Please note that registrations will not be accepted before April 1.

When can I sign my child(ren) up for the Elementary Afterschool program?

When does the program begin? Afterschool program registration begins on July 1 each year. You can register in person at the Community Center, email the completed registration form to, or fax the registration to 410- 778-4602. * Please note that registrations will not be accepted before July 1.

If you have specific questions regarding the registration process, please contact our office at 410-778-1948. The program begins on the first day of school. The program runs Monday through Friday on all FULL days of school. Please note that if school is dismissed early due to inclement weather or any other reason, the Afterschool Program will also be cancelled for that day.

The decision to close schools early is determined by Kent County Public Schools. If you would like to receive messages regarding school dismissals, please look for more information at (This website is not affiliated with Kent County Parks and Recreation).

Do you offer discounted amusement park tickets?

Kent County Parks and Recreation does not offer discounted tickets, but you can contact Queen Anne’s County Parks and Recreation at 410-758-0835 to check availability for discounted tickets.

Where can I purchase a boat slip permit?

To purchase boat slips permits, contact Kent County’s Public Works department at

How do I apply for financial assistance for a program?

For all Kent County Parks and Recreation programs, you can complete a scholarship application. The application is located here. Along with this form you will need to submit (2) current pay stubs and the first page of the current tax years 1040. Individuals or families are eligible for a full scholarship for their child(ren) if they receive: public assistance, food stamps, medical assistance, Social Security or SSI as the sole or primary source of income, energy assistance, Section 8 or public housing.

Verification (original letter on official letterhead) from the providing agency which verifies you receive assistance and that you are the parent or guardian of the child(ren) must be submitted with the application. Full scholarships are only granted for programs that are considered to be child care related. All other youth programs may reward partial scholarships. Scholarships are awarded for a period of no more than one year or December 31 of the current year. If the program in which your child is enrolled carries into the following year, the scholarship will expire at the end of the program.

A new scholarship application must be submitted for each program, as all supporting documents are immediately shredded once a decision is made.

When are swimming pools open?

All three of Kent County Parks and Recreation pools (Community Center, Millington, and Bayside Landing) are open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Millington Pool is open Tuesday – Saturday from 12 pm-7 pm and Bayside Landing Pool is open Friday - Sunday from 12 pm - 7 pm (once KCPS are out for the summer). The Community Center pool is open (7) days a week from
12 pm – 7 pm (once KCPS are out for the summer). *All three locations are only open on Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day through the end of the KCPS school year and from the time KCPS resume through Labor Day.

How do I rent a park pavilion or room at the Kent County Community Center?

For exclusive use reservations, you must submit a rental request application and security deposit for Community Center rentals only, to the Kent County Parks and Recreation office no less than 30 days prior to your desired date. Once you have received notification that your date is available (2 business days), you will then need to submit your full payment within (7) business days to secure your date. An approved contract will be sent to you after receipt of payment. You must sign the contract and return one copy to Kent county Parks and Recreation. If the payment is not received within (7) days, your rental request will be cancelled and deposit (if applicable) will be returned within (2) weeks.

Is camping permitted in county parks?

Camping is not permitted in county parks. All county parks are closed from dusk until dawn.



What is the cost of a Facility Access Card?

The Facility Access Card costs are as follows: (In County): Ages 10 – 21: $5, Ages 22 – 54: $10, Ages 55+: $5 (Out of County): Ages 10 – 21: $10, Ages 22 – 54: $20, Ages 55+: $10. These prices are good for (1) calendar year from the date purchased, and will need to be renewed yearly. The replacement cost for a lost or damaged Facility Access Card is double the original cost.

Why do I need a Facility Access Card to come into the Community Center?

The purpose of a Facility Access Card is to allow you, as a member of the community, to come to the Community Center and access a wealth of opportunities at a minimal cost per year.

There are many benefits of a Facility Access Card including, but not limited to, FREE internet access and Wi-Fi capabilities, use of game tables in our lobby, Big Screen TV access in the lobby, full access to Open Gym at no additional cost, open Multi-Purpose/Fitness room at no additional cost, Discounted Room Rental Rates, Discounted Pool Rates, and the list goes on.

For more information, please feel free to stop by the Community Center for a visit, contact us at 410-778-1948 or email us at

How do I establish an online account?

Before registering for any programs or activities online, you must establish an online registration account and receive a Customer ID and Password. Follow these steps to create an online registration account:

1) Click on the "My Account" button.

2) Fill out the form for New Account Request completely, including birth date and click Submit. Please submit your request only once. Please Note: If you are registering a child for a program, please use your own information when filling out the online registration account request form, NOT the information of the child you wish to register for an activity. Once you have an online registration account, you will have the opportunity to add family members.

3) Your account will be automatically approved. You will also receive an email confirming the successful entry of your account. This email is normally sent to you within 24 hours of requesting an online registration account. Be sure to keep a record of your password. Write down your password as you will need it to register online in the future.

How do I register online for a program?

* Not all programs are eligible for online registration.

Once your account has been established and approved (see above questions), registration for programs and activities is easy: 1) Click the "Register Now" button on the registration home page.

2) Select the activity that you would like to enroll in. Clicking the underlined activity name will show you a detailed activity description.

3) Click on the "Add to My Cart" button if you wish to register for the activity.

4) Next, login to your online Registration Account by entering your Customer ID and Password. Proceed to your Checkout Shopping Cart by clicking the Continue button. From this screen you empty or remove activities from your cart, view more activities and add them to your cart, or update your cart information.

Important: If more than one family member will be attending the activity, change the quantity registering for the activity and then click on the Update Cart button.

5) Confirm your activity name, date and time, enrollee and price.

6) Click "Continue" to proceed with payment. You will be prompted that you are entering a secure site. Click "Yes". Enter your credit card information on the Payment Information Page. Click "Continue". This system accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Please Note: The name and address must match those that are on file with your credit company. If the address shown is not your credit card billing address, click on the "My Account" button and change your residential address to match your credit card billing address.

7) Print your receipt for the online registration. Once your payment has been approved, your receipt will display. Please print a copy of your receipt for your records.

How many online accounts should my family have?

We recommend that each family establish one account. Create the account in the name of a Head of Household and then add all family member names (as many as you need) to the account after it is established.

Can I view online activities without registering?

You can always browse through programs without registering. Click the "Register Now" button and look at all the programs offered.

What do I do if I forgot my Active Net password?

From the My Account program, enter your Login name. Then check the “Forgot your Password” box and click Continue. You will advance to the custom security question you created when establishing your account. If, after reviewing your custom security question, you do not recall your password, or if your password is not valid, please contact our office by calling 410-778-1948 or emailing during normal business hours and a member of our staff will assist you.

Can I view my transaction history and print out my past receipts online?

Yes, from the date your online account is established. The "My Account" feature allows you to view a detailed list of your past transactions. Just login, click the "My Account" button, and select the program(s) providing transaction history.

Do I pay a convenience fee for online registration?

Yes, there is a small convenience fee typical of any internet sales site. The fee is 6.5 percent of the total receipt amount.

Should I create a username and password for my Active Net account?

Creating a username and password on will make future registrations easier by keeping some of your information on file for the next time you register online. All you have to do is log in before beginning your next registration, and when you go to fill out the form, some of your information will already be filled out for you.

Why do I get an error when trying to create my Active Net username and password?

That message means that one of our other users has created a profile using that username. Our system does not allow identical user ID's. Try another version of that username or a different one altogether. Make sure you write down your username and password once it is established so that you may use it in the future.

What if my Active Net password says that it has not been activated?

This message has been received because your password has locked due to inactivity. Please contact our office by calling
410-778-1948 or emailing during normal business hours and a member of our staff will assist you.


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