• All areas and facilities are off limits from dusk until dawn with the exception of scheduled events in lighted areas.
  • Parking shall be in designated areas only.  Parking or driving on turf or unauthorized areas is prohibited.
  • Live bands, loud or offensive music, or any excessive noise which disturbs the peace is prohibited.
  • Bees and Insects: Bees and insects are a natural potential problem that may occur with rentals. Please keep food and beverages covered to discourage insects. Cleaning up any spills immediately and placing a ring of soap suds around the plastic liner of trash bags will also help. Contractholders are responsible for bringing a first-aid kit to pavilion rentals to treat bee stings and other minor injuries that may occur.
  • Tobacco, controlled or illegal substances are strictly prohibited on all County property. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in pool areas and areas with youth events/activities taking place.
  • KCPR, Kent County Government, its elected officials, and employees are absolved of all responsibility sustained by persons or property as a result of the user's negligence or that of any member in their group.
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