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Rental Information | Pool

A Facility Access Card is required for all patrons (ages 12 and older)
who are participating in or attending activities held at the Community Center. A Facility Access Card is not required for attendees of private rentals (meetings, birthday parties, etc.) or public events such as youth basketball games, tournaments, and special events, however, they will be required to sign in on our attendance sheet.


The building will be open for public use according to the schedule below.

November 1 - April 30
Sunday Closed
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 9 pm
Saturday 8:30 am - 6 pm
May - October
Sunday Closed
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 6 pm
Saturday 8:30 am - 6 pm

*Administrative * Office / Staff Hours
(Closed on Holidays):
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

* Excluding Holidays

For private rentals and large scale public events (tournaments, rentals, etc.), patrons who do not have an access card will be required to sign in.

The Community Center will be closed for public and private use according to the schedule below:

Holiday Obervance Days:

*Memorial Day: Last Monday of May
*Independence Day: July 4
*Labor Day: 1st Monday of September
Thanksgiving Day
Day After Thanksgiving: 4th Friday
December 25
New Years Eve: December 31 (7:30 pm Closing)
New Years Day: January 1

*The Community Center Pool will be open.

The Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices will be closed, but the building will be open to the public according to the schedule below:

Martin Luther King Day: 3rd Monday of January
Presidents' Day: 3rd Monday of February
General Election Day: Varies
Columbus Day: 2nd Monday of October
Veterans' Day: November 11

*The facility will be utilized as a high school
age drop-in recreation center from
2:30 pm - 5 pm during the school year (late August-mid June).

Please see the Kent County Community Center General Policies for more information about the building, as well as rules and regulations.


Department fees are based on residency, with Kent County resident fees and non-resident fees as listed on printed information, on our website and online through ActiveNet (our online registration program). Non-residents will be required to pay a non-resident fee.

KCPR reserves the right to require proof of identity-name, residency-address and age for patrons whether a resident or non-resident. Patrons who do not provide proof documentation will be denied participation. Patrons who indicate they are Kent County resident and do not provide proof of residency-address (if requested) will be required to pay the non-resident rate.

Shared Kent County and Queen Anne's County Zip Code: KCPR will confirm the street name of all addresses with a 21620 (Chestertown) or 21651 (Millington) zip code to confirm the appropriate rate is applied. Patrons with a Chestertown or Millington address/zip code who reside in Queen Anne's County will be required to pay the non-resident fee. If registration is completed and processsed at the resident rate and it is later determined that the non-resident rate should apply, additional charges (the difference between the resident rate and
non-resident rate) shall be immediately due upon discovery of the discrepency. Failure to pay any additional charges by the advised deadline will result in cancellation of the registration and a refund (minus a $5 processing fee) will be issued.The non-resident rate will not be adjusted if a non-resident becomes a resident after payment is completed.

View the registration policies here.


Whether it's a Treadmill, an Elliptical, Recumbent Bike, Stair Stepper, or a Spin Bike, the Multi-Purpose Room has the right cardio equipment for you. We also offer a variety of hand weights, body bars, medicine bars, and stability balls to enhance your workout. Patrons must be 12 years of age or older to utilize the Multi-Purpose Room. Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted, regardless if accompanied by an adult 21 or older. Daily access to the Multi-Purpose Room is available to all Facility Access Card holders.

Call 410-778-1948 or email for more information.


What is *Open Gym?
A period of time when there is no scheduled use of the gym. The gym is open for drop-in use by Facility Access Card holders on a first-come, first-served basis. The time can be reserved for exclusive use rentals (*fees apply) and in this case the time period will not be available for Open Gym use.

What is *Reserved Open Gym?
A period of time when there is no scheduled use of the gym. Generally, the time is not available to be reserved for exclusive use, however, from time to time for large scale events, departmental or County Government use, or for emergecies, Kent County Parks and Recreation reserves the right to schedule the time for exclusive use, and in this case the time period will not be available for Open Gym use.

Current Reserved Open Gym Schedule
Half Gym B ~ Thursday, 5 pm - 6 pm, October
Half Gym B ~ Thursday, 5 pm - 7 pm,
November- April
Half Gym B ~ Saturday, 1 pm - 5 pm, Year Round

If KCPS are closed or close early, is the gym available for Open Gym?
Open Gym is only available when no other use is scheduled. * Regularly scheduled programs scheduled to be held in the gym will operate on their normal shceule when schools are closed or close early (scheduled or unscheduled closing).

* At the discretion of KCPR, Open Gym/Reserved Open Gym may be limited to 45-60 minutes to ensure equitable use of the facility for all Facility Access Card holders.

*KCPR reserves the right to cancel scheduled programs or Open Gym/Reserved Open Gym as needed for department or other County Government use, including, but not limited to, due to weather or emergencies.

The weekly room calendar/schedule of use is posted outside of each room. Patrons are encouraged to call 410-778-1948 to confirm the availability of Open Gym before visiting in case of schedule changes.


Weather closing information and general announcements are posted on the Parks and Recreation home page bulletin board, the Kent County Community Center Facebook Page and our Rainout Line at 410-429-1401 or (usually no later than 7:30 am or 3 pm for evening programs the day in question when weather related).


In general, when Kent County Public Schools close, close early, or cancel evening programs due to inclement weather, all regularly scheduled Parks and Recreation programs at all schools are closed. In this case (generally), the Community Center and Parks and Recreation facilities will be open to the public on a drop-in basis when Kent County Government is open, however the operating schedule may be adjusted as needed as weather conditions warrant or in case of emergencies. If Kent County Government offices have a delayed opening or liberal leave is in effect, all morning programs starting before 10 am are closed.


In general, if Kent County Public Schools (KCPS) are closed, close early, or cancel evening programs, all programs at public school sites are closed. Kent County Parks and Recreation (KCPR) youth programs at the Kent County Community Center (KCCC) and KCPR facilities are closed when county facilities remain *open. KCPR adult programs at county facilities will be open when county facilities remain *open. If KCPS are one hour or 90 minutes late, morning programs will be open. *If KCPS are two hours late, morning programs will be closed. These general policies do not necessarily apply to programs offered by private vendors (please refer to program description) at the Community Center as they determine their opening and closing schedules when the Community Center remains *open on a normal operating schedule when there is inclement weather.

*All programs are closed when the Snow Emergency Plan or the State of Emergency Plan is in effect, however, should Plan(s) be lifted by 2 pm, evening adult programs will generally be open. In consideration of other factors, programs may be cancelled. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

*On a case by case basis when KCPS are two hours late, it may be determined that morning adult programs may be open when the KCCC is open on time.


In general, announcements for weekend and/or summer programs and events held at the KCCC or KCPR facility are posted by 8 am on the day in question (whenever possible). Decisions for programs with a start time before 8 am will be posted by 10 pm the night before. From time to time circumstances may not allow for postings to be made in the general time frames

(Expires one year from date of purchase)

Resident Rates  
Ages 12-21: $7
Adults 22-54: $12
Seniors 55+:  $7
Non-Resident Rates
Ages 12-21: $12
Adults 22-54:   $25
Seniors 55+: $12

Replacement Card $5 per card

A FAC is required for all program participants and patrons age 12 and older who enrolled in programs or utilize amenities at the Community Center. The minimun age to purchase a FAC is 12.
Family Plan Must be purchased in a single transaction to receive discount.

All family members must reside in the same household.
Family of 4 (Resident): $35
Each additional family member: $7
Family of 4 (Non-Resident): $45
Each additional family member: $12

Replacement Card $5 per card

Organization Plan

Download Application here.

(Must be located in Kent County)
Maximum of 15 attendees per visit: $55

Attendance must be during public hours.
Must call ahead to confirm drop-in availability and provide an attendance sheet listing all attendees.


  • State of the Art Multi-Generational Facility
  • FREE WiFi Access
  • Use of Lobby Game Tables (Air Hockey, Foosball, Ping Pong, & Arcade Games)
  • Lounge in the Lobby (Pub Style Tables, Big Screen TV)
  • Open Gym (When No Other Scheduled Use)
  • Open Multi-Purpose/Fitness Room (Age 12+ With FAC Only)
  • Discounted Exclusive Use Room Rental Rates
  • Discounted Daily Pool Admission (KCCC Pool)
  • Middle/High School Age After School Drop-In Recreation Center


Middle School and High School Age Students
First-Last day of school (full days only)
Monday - Friday
2:30 pm - 5 pm
Community Center
Free with Facility Access Card

School's over, but you're not ready to go home yet? Come to the Community Center for some open gym time and bring your friends! This is a great opportunity to come relax after the school day, get your homework done, and hang out with friends in a safe environment.

Call 410-810-5948 or email for more information.

Download Registration


In partnership with the Office of Admissions at Washington College, Washington College offers a College Corner at the Community Center. Members of the Washington College staff, including students, will periodically provide general college counseling support and information specific to the school. If you, or a student you know, have general questions about attending college, would like assistance in the college search process, the application, financial aid, or would like to know more about the life of a college student, please call the Washington College Office of Admissions. Students and families are both welcomed. Representatives will be on site from 2:45 pm - 4:45 pm during after school hours by advance appointment. Materials will be available at the College Corner during the normal business hours of the Community Center. Contact the Washington College Admissions Office at
410-778-7700 for more information.


The Kent County Public Library (KCPL) in partnership with Kent County Parks and Recreation (KCPR) offers the KCPL Worton Computer Facility at the Kent County Community Center. The Computer Facility has three computers available for public use that are equipped with Internet access, a wide range of online library resources, and educational games. The computers are governed by the KCPL computer use policy. In addition there are books available to borrow on the "trust system". The facility will be monitored by KCPR staff. Patrons do not need to have a Facility Access Card (FAC) or Library Card to use the Worton Computer Facility or books however, if you do not have a FAC, a Guest Pass will be required to be issued at the front desk upon entry to the Community Center.


During extreme heat/cold days during the summer/*winter season (typically July/August and January-March), when activated, the Kent County Community Center (KCCC) Building will serve as one of the County's official cooling/warming centers during its *normal hours of operation. Information will be posted on the chalkboard on our home page and on our Facebook page (Kent County Community Center) when cooling centers are recommended by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Normal policies and procedures apply for accessing the Community Center outside of cooling/warming center days, including fees as applicable.

*After hours during the winter, people in need of a place to get out of the cold should contact Kent County Department of Human Services (formerly Social Services) at 410-810-7600 for assistance.


The bi-annual Horizons of Kent and Queen Anne's Counties "Dance with the Stars" fundraiser takes place at the Community Center, as seven Stars and their dance-pro partners compete for donations for Horizons, a summer enrichment program for low-income public school children in Kent and Northern Queen Anne's County. The event gets underway at 6 pm with a cocktail buffet and the show is slated to begin at 6 pm. In addition to proceeds from ticket sales the Horizons program benefits from the cash votes cast for the dancers.

The next event is scheduled to take place on TBD.

You can buy tickets and vote for your favorite dancers at

For questions, please email or call the Horizons office at 410-778-9903.

On October 4, 2016 the County Commissioners of Kent County renamed the facility in grateful acknowledgement of Mr. Hawkins' distinguished and dedicated public service to the people of Kent County and the State of Maryland. Mr. Hawkins served Kent County Public Schools from 1960-1993, was a Kent County Comissioner from 1993-1998, was a Delegate at the Democratic National Convention in 1996, and served on the State of Maryland Department of Education from 2001-2005.


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