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* A Facility Access Card (FAC) is required of all program participants and patrons ages 12 and older who are enrolled in programs and utilize the Kent County Community Center. The minimum age to purchase a FAC is 12.**
To mail–in or drop off a registration form, please download the registration form here.
(unless there is a registration form listed with a specific activity)

Contact 410-778-1948 or email for general fitness class information.

YOGA BY THE BAY with Kesha Bowers

Balance Your Body, Mind, & Spirit with Vinyasa Yoga

Ages: All
Dates: August 5 - September 30
Day: Fridays
Time: 8:00 am - 8:45 am
Place: Betterton Beach
Cost: $5.00 per session or $40.00 for all (9) sessions

If you want your body to be Strong and Capable...Practice Yoga!

* Bring a mat, a towel to place under your mat, a drink, and a friend.
* Register Online (Processing Fee for online registration). Walk-up registration accepted by cash only.
*A waiver form must be signed before participating .

Call 410-778-2083 or email for more information.

Did You Know?....

Only (10) laps around the outer edge of the Kent County Community Center Gym equals (1) mile?

Walking is a low impact form of exercise, so come out and walk the gym anytime the gym is open to the public. Best of all, it's FREE with a Facility Access Card!

Call 410-778-1948 or email for more information on gym availability.


Rainout Line is the way we provide notifications and information to the public for weather closures/cancellations for the Kent County Community Center (KCCC), Parks & Recreation/Office (KCPR), swimming pools, parks, athletic fields/ball diamonds, events and more! We have consolidated all of our existing notification platforms to the Rainout Line platform that pushes updates out via *text message, email, on Facebook and on our website. To sign up for alerts or to download the free app on smart devices please visit A traditional call-in hotline (410-429-1401) is also available. *Text alerts are limited to140 characters so the full alert may need to be checked using another method.


Department fees are based on residency, with Kent County resident fees and non-resident fees as listed on printed information, on our website and online through ActiveNet (our online registration program). Non-residents will be required to pay a non-resident fee.

KCPR reserves the right to require proof of identity-name, residency-address and age for patrons whether a resident or non-resident. Patrons who do not provide proof documentation will be denied participation. Patrons who indicate they are Kent County resident and do not provide proof of residency-address (if requested) will be required to pay the non-resident rate.

Shared Kent County and Queen Anne's County Zip Code: KCPR will confirm the street name of all addresses with a 21620 (Chestertown) or 21651 (Millington) zip code to confirm the appropriate rate is applied. Patrons with a Chestertown or Millington address/zip code who reside in Queen Anne's County will be required to pay the non-resident fee. If registration is completed and processsed at the resident rate and it is later determined that the non-resident rate should apply, additional charges (the difference between the resident rate and non-resident rate) shall be immediately due upon discovery of the discrepency. Failure to pay any additional charges by the advised deadline will result in cancellation of the registration and a refund (minus a $5 processing fee) will be issued. The non-resident rate will not be adjusted if a non-resident becomes a resident after payment is completed.

View the full registration policies here.


Whether it's a Treadmill, an Elliptical, Recumbent Bike, Stair Stepper or Spin Bike, the Multi-Purpose Room has the right cardio equipment for you. We also offer a variety of hand weights, body bars, medicine bars, and stability balls to enhance your workout, and recently added- a free standing training punching bag. Patrons must be 12 or older to utilize the Multi-Purpose Room. Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted, regardless if accompanied by an adult 21 or older. Daily access to the Multi-Purpose Room is available for FREE to all Facility Access Card holders.


To ensure all patrons have an ejoyable experience the following is expected and required of all patrons:

- For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 are not permitted entry into the room.

- The use of offensive or profane language will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediated ejection and loss of preivileges.

- Please use only one piece of equipment at a time.

- Please do not stare at, crowd, or touch others.

- Please use proper technique and know your body's limits to avoid injury.

- Please do not interrupt others' goals and use of the facility by engaging in lengthy conversation.

- Please keep personal items clear of others' way.

- If you must talk on your phone, please step out of the room until the call is over.

- Please wipe equipment and return to its original location after each use.

Call 410-778-1948 or email for more information.


Don't Delay! Get Your Facility Access Card Today! A Facility Access Card (FAC) is required of all program participants and patrons ages 12 and older that are enrolled in programs participating and utilize amenities at the Community Center. The minimum age to purchase a FAC is 12. The FAC expires one year from the date of purchase. The cost of a FAC is $7 for ages 12-21, $12 for ages 22-54, and $7 for ages 55+ who are Kent County residents. Please inquire about fees for non Kent County residents. Call 410-778-1948 or email for more information.


Weather closing information and general announcements are posted on the Parks and Recreation home page bulletin board at and our Rainout Line at 410-429-1401 (usually no later than 7:30 am or 3 pm for evening programs the day in question when weather related) Whenever possible (we will do our best, but can’t guarantee this will always happen), a courtesy email will be sent to individuals who have provided an email address for announcements and notifications. If you do not receive an email and weather is questionable, please visit our website homepage or call the Weather Cancellation Hotline. If you would like to be added to our email list, please email with "Add Me" in the subject line.

KENT COUNTY COMMUNITY CENTER: When Kent County Public Schools (KCPS) are closed, close early, or cancel evening programs due to inclement weather, all regularly scheduled Parks and Recreation programs at all schools are closed. In this case (generally), the Community Center and Parks and Recreation facilities will be open to the public on a drop-in basis when Kent County Government is open, however, the operating schedule may be adjusted as needed as weather conditions warrant or in case of emergencies. If Kent County Government offices have a delayed opening or liberal leave is in effect, all morning programs starting before 10 am are closed.

SCHOOL YEAR (SEPTEMBER-MAY):  In general, if Kent County Public Schools (KCPS) are closed, close early, or cancel evening programs, all programs at public school sites are closed. Kent County Parks and Recreation (KCPR) youth programs at the Kent County Community Center (KCCC) and KCPR facilities are closed when county facilities remain *open. KCPR adult programs at county facilities will be open when county facilities remain *open. If KCPS are one hour or 90 minutes late, morning programs will be open. *If KCPS are two hours late, morning programs will be closed. These general policies do not necessarily apply to programs offered by private vendors (please refer to program description) at the Community Center as they determine their opening and closing schedules when the Community Center remains *open.

*All programs are closed when the Snow Emergency Plan or the State of Emergency Plan is in effect.

*On a case by case basis when KCPS are two hours late, it may be determined that morning adult programs may be open when the KCCC is open on time.

WEEKEND/SUMMER:  In general, announcements for weekend and/or summer programs and events held at the KCCC or a KCPR facility are posted by 8 am on the day in question. Decisions for programs with a start time before 8 am will be posted by 10 pm the night before.




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